Covid-19 travel vlogs from around the world

Since we are living in crazy, uncertain times and it is no longer allowed travelling the world because of Covid-19, we still want to dream about beautiful destinations. That is why we bring the world to you from Pure off the Road virtually with covid-19 vlogs. We have reached out to our friends all over the world to ask them how they are living with the Corona virus.

We ask questions such as to what extent does the Covid-19 virus affect ordinary life? What impact does the situation have on wildlife and researchers in Botswana? How do musicians and photographers live without music in New York City? How far do tigers flourish more in Nepal now the tourists are staying away? How far is it possible to keep the Italian family spirit alive in Tuscany? In short videos our contacts around the globe will tell about their experiences and show their world in times of Corona. Join our ride.

Henk & Angelique

Vlog 1: New Zealand

The first vlog we want to share is from New Zealand. Angelique introduces you to her friend José Reinink.

UPDATE: After four weeks on April 28, thelockdown in New Zealand has been lifted.The strict measures have been relaxed since mid-May and the country is now Corona-free.

If you want to read more or find inspiration about New Zealand, when it is possible to travel internationally again in the future, look HERE, HERE and HERE.

Vlog 2: Uganda

For the second vlog we will take you to Uganda, East Africa. Here you will meet our friend Ronald Ssempewba, a freelance safari guide. He talks about the difficult situation for the common people in his country.

UPDATE: The national parks in Uganda will be open again from June 5th. Flying to Entebbe is still unclear, but you must be there on time!

Read HERE, HERE and HERE more about Uganda and its beautiful nature.

Vlog 3: Norway

In vlog three, the Norwegian saxophonist, goat horn player and composer Karl Seglem tells his personal story. He takes us to his country house near Bergen, where he composes, writes poems and finds peace. He also lets the silence ring through in a solo piece on his goat horn.

Want to know more about Karl and Norwegian jazz? You can read HERE the that article Angelique wrote for Jazzism.And see his new video of the piece Heilbrunn Oxofon. Here you can find more music by Karl.

Vlog 4: Wilderness Safaris, Botswana

In vlog 4 we focus on the exclusive trips of Wilderness Safaris, with which we went on a classic safari to Botswana in 2019. Ecologist Rob Taylor and manager of Mombo Camp Sean van der Merwe discuss and talk about the impact of the Corona virus on their concessions and wildlife in the Okavango Delta.

Also read our stories about the water-rich life in the Okavango Delta. And the story about a classic game drive and finally we have seven safari tips for you.

Finally, Wilderness Safaris also share many blogs, posts and videos. For example, you can read HERE a poemby Sean van der Merwe about his experience in the wilderness during Covid-19. If you want to get inspiration from the refined cuisine of Wilderness, look HERE for delicious recipes.

Vlog 5: Fattoria La Vialla, Toscane

In this fifth vlog Céline Krüger talks about the situation in Tuscany. Celine takes care of the public relations/marketing for one of our favorite agro tourismo, the biodynamic family business Fattoria La Vialla. We have been coming here for many years and are happy to see that things are gradually improving in the area and throughout Italy.

UPDATE: The borders will open again on June 3. La Vialla opens again from mid-June. For the exact date, check the website.

Would you like to know more about the delicious culinary products of Fattoria La Vialla and the warmth of this Italian family? Read our stories HERE and HERE.

Vlog 6: GOIN Travels, Roemenië

In our sixth vlog, Martijn Westdijk of GOIN Travelsshows the harsh reality under strict enforcement in Romania and some major problems that are going on, such as a large-scale illegal loggingthat seriously threatens the country’s primeval forests. He also talks about his own (spiritual) retreats in Transylvania which he started last year.

Want to know more about Martijn? He is very active on socials, such as Facebook.

We hope to visit beautiful Transylvania later this year or in 2021 and relax with GOIN Travels.

Vlog 7: Dos Winkel, Sea First (Belgium)

In vlog 7 the word is given to world traveler, underwater photographer and ocean protector Dos Winkel. Dos talks about his personal experiences during the lockdown and the effect on nature and in particular on the sea.

The photographer will soon present his own Photostory on our site.

Vlog 8: Daniel Pfitscher, Pfitscher Winery South-Tirol

For this eighth vlog we travel again to Italy. This time to northern South Tyrol. This region was severely affected by the Coronavirus in March and April and had a major impact on everyday (business) life. Fortunately, the country is recovering quite well now. Daniel Pfitscher tells about his family business Pfitscher Winery, which is beautifully situated in the hills of Montagna. And now that the borders have reopened since June 3rd, it will gradually attract visitors from abroad to this beautiful winery.

Want to read more about South Tyrol? Look HERE.


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